Emerald - Irish & American Music

A rich green gem... bringing musical and lyrical inspiration from the Emerald Isle. Tunes are woven seamlessly into the Celtic fabric and songs, each and every one a polished jewel casting its light on life.

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Emerald is firmly rooted in the Irish tradition with a hint of North American and European influences.

Emerald love and carry on the folk song tradition, while embracing contemporary songwriting by such legends as Kate Wolf, Townes van Zandt, Ewan McColl, Jimmy McCarthy, Si Kahn and others.

"Exhilarating intricate playing, many-faceted tune and song arrangements, and time and again with a dash of the European and North American spirit, played in the best rhythm’n’reels style … Sue Sheehan’s voice is a fresh delight with every song." (Folker Magazine)