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Since 2006, Emerald have risen and re-established themselves climbing the musical ladder and ascending to the top rungs in the Irish music scene in Germany. A well-deserved task, as Emerald has shown top-rate performance in two diverse areas in the folk music scene, one being the modern singer/songwriter genre from songwriting legends such as Kate Wolf, Townes van Zandt, Ewan McColl, Jimmy McCarthy, Si Kahn etc. as well as the classical/traditional Irish folksongs. Secondly, they display the living tradition at the highest level with delicate-virtuosic instrumental music.
One might ask how Emerald’s history was founded and how the band blossomed into the band they are today, despite the fact that 2 different genres merged into their program and melting into one. The diligent fiddle player and singer Michael Möllers, one of the founding fathers in the Irish music scene here in Germany, started up a duo in the 90’s with Sue Sheehan, an American singer and musician. During this time Möllers was playing with the leading jigs and reels band "DeReelium". The guitarist Rainer Köhler joined Emerald and a trio was formed.
Subsequent to "DeReelium" (members dispersed and chose different paths) remained the chance for Möllers, Köhler and Sheehan to grab 3 other very well experienced musicians, of whom all thus far had many years of musical experience behind them. Emerald grew once more to a now six headed band fulfilling and complimenting the hole left behind by the expiration of "DeReelium".
The three other Emerald members are Gabi Bode on flute and whistle, Astrid Heldmaier on bodhrán and vocals, and Cornelius Bode on guitar, vocals and bass. These three have been seen and heard throughout Germany, (also in India) in other folk bands and regular sessions of which they still are very active.
This smooth integration of the new members, bringing with them new impulses, has indeed proven successful and works wonderfully. Nonetheless the traditional Irish music functions and maintains its culture most of all through the sessions, only secondarily through concerts on stage. The gatherings at the sessions of experienced musicians, the playing of old and new tunes and melodies on a regular basis is what keeps it alive and thriving. And the undisputable capitol of Irish sessions in Germany is Hannover, where Emerald is based.
Emerald’s debut album "The Great Divide" came out in August 2008 and received great reviews. 2013 saw the release of their second album "On A Single Wing", which was praised with great enthusiasm and received fantastic reviews. Both albums appeared through "LeiseLaut" label.