About the band

Back in the 90s Sue Sheehan (vocals and bodhrán) and Michael Möllers (guitar and vocals) met at the thriving “Folk-Club am Ith” in Salzhemmendorf where they founded Emerald. Around this time the sessions at the "Notenkiste" in Hanover were growing and this is where Sue and Michael met the other musicians who would later join the band. They were soon joined by Reiner Köhler (guitar) and this allowed Michael to bring the fiddle to the fore. By late 2005, Emerald became a 5-piece band with the addition of Gabi Bode (flute and whistles) and Cornelius Bode (guitar, bass and vocals). Reiner now moved to Irish bouzouki. They further developed the Emerald sound to include 3-part harmonies with rich accompaniments and many-faceted intricate instrumentals. When Astrid Heldmaier brought her bodhrán and a fourth voice to Emerald in 2006, Sue concentrated on the lead singing and today’s 6-piece dream lineup was complete.

Emerald have lived this music for many years. Their inspiration and energy gained from all the late-night sessions into the wee hours. They not only tap into the wealth of Irish Folksongs but also the contemporary songs from such legends as Ewan McColl and Si Kahn as well as performing intricate virtuoso instrumentals. Through every song, tune, story, joke and anecdote, Emerald brings the audience into their musical world.

After two CDs, countless sessions, radio concerts, gigs and tours, Emerald are one of the most popular and respected performers of Irish music in Germany.

"This musical gem from Hannover glitters with Irish green and the gold of the American Great Plains." (FolkWorld)