Ganaim (including Cornelius)
Larún (including Cornelius)
Lautensang (including Astrid and Reiner)
Northbound (including Astrid and Reiner)
Squish (including Astrid, Michael and Reiner)
Sue Sheehan Band (including Cornelius, Gabi and Sue)
The Land's End Sessions (including Cornelius)
Trasnú (including Cornelius)

Music and Flute lessons: Gabi's Homepage
Music and photography: Sue's Homepage
Pipes and Flutes: Reiner's and Astrid's music workshop

Subterra Sound: our recording studio in Hildesheim
LeiseLaut: our CD Label
GBL Guitars: Zorny's guitars and Reiner's bouzouki were made here

Dublin Inn: out session pub in the historic centre of Hannover
Kuriosum: our session pub in the Northern part of Hannover
McGowan's Irish Pub: our session pub in downtown Hannover