Sue Sheehan

Sue (vocals, percussions) was born in Illinois, USA and has been singing from a very early age. The vacation road trips she took with her family while growing up were filled with countless songs. She took these songs to the various choirs and bands she was involved with throughout her teenage years. Sue studied Theater/Communications at Boston College and Ithaca College in London and completed her studies in 1984. After working in Boston for several years, she left for Europe in 1988 and decided to stay in Germany.
In 1994, Sue was one of the winners in a photography contest with the “Women’s Department of Lower Saxony” and released her book "Overcoming di-Vision-en fürs Auge" in 2001. Since 1995, she has worked as a freelance artist/musician and has been involved in many projects and groups including Medieval, Bluegrass, Irish Folk, Singer/Songwriter, and Jazzswing.
Sue plays various instruments and has performed at many festivals and is a founder member of Emerald.