Reiner Köhler

Reiner (Irish bouzouki, banjo, guitar) was born in 1960 in Gleidingen. His musical journey started with a tin whistle! It was needed for a planned concert with the band "Irish Blend". So, just having 2 weeks to practice and despite his nervousness, Reiner found himself on stage, performing his tin whistle debut with the band playing to an audience of 500!
His first "real" instrument, as he puts it, was the Irish banjo, which he played with "Irish Blend" for 15 years. During this time he also studied and practiced the uilleann pipes and soon after started to play the guitar and Irish bouzouki. Other musical interests include the folk band "DeReelium" and he has played bass with the rock band "Volldampf". Reiner is a member and musician for the Hannover sessions and has performed with Emerald since the early 90s.