Our CD "On A Single Wing", priced at €15 plus €2 post and packaging, is directly available from Emerald.
To order one or more copies please email with your enquiry.

"The Great Divide", our debut CD, is sold out but is still available to purchase as a download from Amazon and iTunes.

Emerald - On A Single Wing
(2013, LeiseLaut, Total time: 60:24)

01. Jigs: Carillon (Maíre Breatnach) / Rohan (Jennifer Wrigley)/ Bith Anois (Declan Corey)

02. Song: Single Wing (Robin Batteau)

03. Reels: Moccasin Shuffle (Robichaud Brothers) / La Fleur Du Mondragore / Le Ril Des Forgerons / Da New Rigged Ship

04. Song / Reels: Free And Easy / Humours Of Westport

05. Reels: The Chandelier (Liz Carroll) / Under The Archway (Claus Steinort) / Natterjack's (Colin Farrell)

06. Slow Air / Song: Port Na bPúcaí / What Does The Deep Sea Say?

07. Waltzes: Ladybird (Michael Möllers) / Mary Custy's

08. Song / Reels: We Rigged Our Ship (Cindy Kallet) / Green Fields Of Glentown (Tommy Peoples) / Paddy Fahy's

09. Hornpipe: President Richard Milhous Nixon's Hornpipe (Peter Ostroushko)

10. Song: Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)

11. Reels: Conor Tully's / The Flooded Road To Glenties (Jimmy McHugh) / Lose The Head

12. Song: I Really Had A Ball Last Night (Carmol Taylor)
Irland Journal:
"'On a Single Wing' is the second CD from this Hannover band – and is my No. 1. The song 'Flying on a Single Wing' from which the CD takes its title has been going through my head for days now. The material chosen is a personal selection, with detailed sleeve notes about the tunes and songs. An excellent album and beautifully designed by Eva Giovannini."

Folk World:
"The first tune 'Carillon' by Maìre Breatnach, gives its name to the opening set on the CD, this is followed with one from The Orkney Isles and the track finishes with a tune from County Galway. Flute and fiddle interchange to the beat of the bodhrán, guitar and bouzouki. The title song, by American Robin Batteau, is a gentle ballad, exquisitely sung, and Moccasin Shuffle a brilliantly played set of French Canadian tunes finishing with a piece from The Shetland Isles – highlighting the Emerald six playing music from across the folk world. 'Ladybird' is a wedding waltz by Michael Möllers, written for his brother and followed by a light-footed Scandinavian waltz. My favorite song is 'We Rigged Our Ship' by American songwriter Cindy Kallet, carried away on the wings of gorgeous unaccompanied four-part harmony – then the bodhrán sets the pace for a selection of thrilling tunes and the band sparkles with mighty playing. Another highlight is Carmol Taylor’s frivolous honky tonk song 'I Really Had A Ball Last Night', when the band shows off their versatility. Check out the music of Emerald and you’ll be hooked. Bravo, a great album."

"Like the debut CD from 2008, the second album from Hannover’s 6-piece Irish folk band is a superb one. Excellent and rumbustious playing, multilayered arrangements of tunes and songs in the best rhythm’n’reel style, interspersed with dashes of other European and North American influences. Sue Sheehan’s voice is a fresh delight with every song."

Emerald - The Great Divide
(2008, LeiseLaut, Total time: 61:37)

01. Looking Back at You (Kate Wolf)

02. On the Wings of a Skorie (Michael Ferrie) / Man of Aran (Darach de Brún)

03. Heartbreak Game (Tim O'Brien)

04. Covering Ground (Diarmaid Moynihan) / The Hungry Rock (Liam Kelly and Michael Holmes)

05. Brighid's Kiss

06. Reel of Rio / New Mown Meadow / Rip the Calico

07. Across the Great Divide (Kate Wolf)

08. The Summer's Gone (Michael Möllers) / Waking Up in Wonderful Wark (Karen Tweed) / Ryan’s Jig

09. Sweet Thames Flow Softly (Ewan McColl)

10. Dr. Gilbert / The King of the Clans / M and M (Brian Rooney)

11. Sailing Alone (Si Kahn)

12. The Exile's Jig / The Disused Railway / A Blast of Wind

13. Flowers of Brooklyn (Bill McComiskey) / Eamon Coyne's / Malbay Shuffle (Diarmaid Moynihan)

14. Ride On (Jimmy McCarthy)

15. Silver Waltz (Brian McNeill) / Leaving Brittany (John Cunningham)
Folk World:
"This musical gem from Hannover glitters from Irish green to the gold of the American great plains. The instrumental sets awaken fond memories of the DeReelium days. 'The Great Divide' is a fine piece of work and with this debut album, Emerald can take their place at the top of Germany’s Irish music scene."

Irland Journal:
"The tune sets evoke the endless energy of long session nights – a wonderful CD for all fans of Irish-American music."

Deutschlandradio Kultur:
"The singer is American Sue Sheehan, whose soft voice offers an elegant counterpart to the driving instrumentals on Emerald’s debut CD 'The Great Divide'. An absolutely wonderful first album."